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 Levulose Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Levulose Forum Rules   Levulose Forum Rules Icon_minitimeSat Apr 09, 2016 3:00 pm

Welcome to the Levulose Forums!

Hello, and thank you for joining our forums! We hope you have a great time navigating and interacting with our forums and other users. Of course, in order for you to have a great time, we need all of our members to adhere to all rules listed below. If you've found a user violating these rules and it has not been noticed immediately by our staff, please do not hesitate to contact any of our Forum Moderators listed here.

Important Notice: ALL chat rules apply on the forums!

Avatars & Signatures

Avatar size may not exceed 200 pixels in height and in length. If you try to upload a larger size, you will be asked to shorten the size. If it is not shortened within a reasonable amount time, it will be removed by the administration. The strict avatar size is to avoid breaking someone's page. Avatars may be animated, but absolutely NO excessive flashing lights as it is a danger to epileptic members.  ALL avatar submissions must adhere to the chat rules. Any violations will be removed by administration.

Signatures may not exceed 200 pixels in height or 600 pixels in length. If you try and upload a larger size, you will be asked to shorten the size. If it is not shortened within a reasonable amount of time, it will be removed by the administration. The strict signature size is to avoid breaking someone's page. Again, absolutely NO excessive flashing lights as it it as a danger to epileptic members. ALL signature submissions must adhere to the chat rules. Any violations will be removed by administration.[/i]

Forum Spam

Forum spam is anything that clutters a topic with information that does not pertain to the topic's theme. Listed below are some examples of spam.

Off-Topic Posts
When posting in a topic, please make sure your post relates to the topic at hand. For example, if the topic was centered around experiences playing Skyrim, your post should not be about Star Wars or be filled with random, unexplained emoticons. If you would like to create a new topic, there is a designated forum for that here.

Posting multiple times under your own posts is classified as double posting and is considered spam. The only acceptable occurrences of double-posting is to update a topic.

Creating Useless Threads
Every topic should have a purpose or goal in mind. For example, a topic just filled with emoticons with no text involved, is not acceptable and will be removed by staff. If you would like to make a game out of it or discuss emoticons in general, we have a special forum section just for that here.

Bumping Old Topics
"Bumping" a topic refers to posting on a topic and bumping the topic up to the top of the page. Bumping old/dead topics is not recommended unless you still have questions, comments, concerns, or additional, relatable information regarding the topic.[/i]


The administration takes copyright laws very seriously on Levulose. If you upload someone else's work as your avatar or signature that you do not have permission to use as such, or if you upload someone else's work on a post claiming it as your own, you will receive consequences, such as a ban on the forums and/or chat.

Posting Artwork
All artwork posted MUST follow all chat and forum rules. This includes NSFW material and anything pertaining to self-harm, or overly gorey pictures. If you are unsure if an art piece is acceptable on the forums, please ask an administrator.[/i]

Selling Artwork
You may only sell your OWN art. It is recommended that you create terms of service for yourself and post it on the appropriate forum if you do sell your artwork on the Levulose forums. If you try to sell someone else's artwork without their permission, a ban may be in place.

Tracing & Referencing Artwork
Tracing someone else's artwork to claim as your own and/or sell is illegal and IS punishable. If you are uploading artwork that you had referenced from another piece of artwork, please post the link to the referenced artwork.[/i]

Contacting Administration

Administrators are here to assist you with an comments, questions, or concerns you may have regarding the chat and/or forums. A list of administrators to contact, should you have any, can be found here. Here are some of the "Do's and Dont's" of contacting administrators regarding chat/forum issues.[/i]

-Do not ask administrators about warnings, kicks, and bans in the public forums or create topics to discuss a warning, kick, and/or ban. To discuss them, please contact an administrator privately using the PM system.

-Do not ask administrators to promote you to administration. The administration has a set application process. When applications are open, the administration will notify you via forum announcement and chat message.

-Do not create a topic or post complaining about the administration not accepting rooms/poses, or answering Problem Tickets. The administration will get to them when they can.

-Ask questions in the public forums/PM pertaining to the upload process of rooms and poses, such as questions like "What species would you classify this as?" "Is this link valid enough to gain me permission to use the pose?" "Which size chart should I use for this mythical creature?" etc.

-Inform the administration in the public forums/PM about technical issues you are having regarding the chat and forums. You may also send in a Problem Ticket for these matters. If you are posting about it on the forums, please include as many details about the issue as possible. Please tell us what operating system you have, (Windows 8, Windows 10, etc.) what browser you are using (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.) what you were trying to do when the problem occurred, if it occurs every time, and what steps you have taken (if any) to try to solve it yourself. Before creating a new topic, please make sure your issue has not been resolved in a previous topic.

-Inform the administration in PM or Problem Ticket about someone's questionable artwork. If you find someone selling artwork on the forums that you do not feel it is their own and do not have the permission to sell, the administration will investigate it. All consequences (if any) following the investigation will be kept confidential and not shared with the reporter or the public.


You are permitted only one forum account. If you accidentally register another forum account, please alert the administration so the other forum account can be deleted.

These rules are subject to change without notice. Please check back to this post regularly. Please direct all questions, comments, and concerns to an administrator.
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Levulose Forum Rules
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