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 Levulose Admin Application (CLOSED)

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Levulose Admin Application (CLOSED) Empty
PostSubject: Levulose Admin Application (CLOSED)   Levulose Admin Application (CLOSED) Icon_minitimeSat Mar 12, 2016 10:43 am

Levulose Admin Applications: CLOSED

Please answer these questions honestly and in the way YOU feel as though they should be answered.
We are not looking for “generic answers”, what we want to see is how you would handle the situation with your abilities in the best way possible!
Proper grammar and spelling is appreciated!
If you have any questions please contact an admin on the forums or chat and we will be sure to answer your concerns.


Requirements before applying:

- You must be willing to do an interview on chat.
- You must have a forum account.
- You must be active on both the forums and chat.
- You must be willing and able to handle the stress and responsibilities of having a rank.
- You must be at least 15 years of age or older.

(We allow 15 year olds to apply for AA, you must be 16+ to be Gamma rank or higher.)

PLEASE send your applications to: levuloseapplications@gmail.com .
If you send your application in any other way, we will not consider your application.


Levulose Admin Application

Please understand that this application you are filling out is only half of what is required when applying. Once we have chosen a handful of people that we are considering to join our team, those people who are chosen will do an interview on chat. If you are chosen for an interview, we will let you know on chat with a map message giving you a time and date for when the interview will be and what room it will be in. Once the interviews are done, we will then decide on who will be join our team!

General Information:

Forum Name:
How old are you?
Your preferred pronouns?
Are you currently in school or college?
Are you currently employed? If so, how many hours a week do you work?
Have you ever been a chatlands administrator before or still are? What were your duties on the team?

Administrating Scenarios (Please answer these to the best of your abilities!):

1. Two users in a room by the names of RazorTeeth and GiggleSnort are having a regular conversation.
When RazorTeeth hears GiggleSnort's views on a topic, he begins to insult her and proclaim her views are wrong.
This causes GiggleSnort to respond with anger by yelling and cursing at RazorTeeth. How would you handle this situation as an admin?

2. Soon after the first situation, RazorTeeth moves to another room and begins spamming and disturbing the peace.
Other users end up getting involved in the conversation and start enforcing the rules like an admin.
What would you do in this situation as an admin?

Good luck to everyone!

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Levulose Admin Application (CLOSED)
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