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 Common Glitches Thread

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PostSubject: Common Glitches Thread   Common Glitches Thread Icon_minitimeTue May 10, 2016 11:10 am

Here, the administration will update this post with the most common glitches and how to fix them. If you still have issues with these glitches, please report them to an administrator and we will help you the best we can!

Bodyshop Colors Glitch

This glitch happens when you pick a color, let's say pink, but when it shows up on your pose, it's green! This glitch mostly happens to Google Chrome users. To fix this glitch, use another browser (Firefox recommended).

Validation E-mail Glitch

If you are creating a new account please do NOT use a hotmail, live, or outlook address. Those do NOT work for Chatlands and you will NOT receive a validation e-mail. If that happens, please contact an Alpha and they will be able to validate your account for you.

Flipping Pose Glitch

This is a very common glitch that happens when you're in a default pose set, and try to fiip your pose, and it changes into one of your custom poses. There hasn't been a certain 100% way to fix or avoid it, but using Firefox usually lessens the chances of having it happen to you.

Bad Login Glitch

This can happen either because the chat is offline/Underdog is working on the chat, or you can clear your cache/cookies. Please look at the list below to learn how to clear your cache/cookies for your browser.

Disconnections/Chat not loading/Chat running slow

This group of glitches can happen from time to time. The way to fix it is to clear your cache/cookies.

Here's how to clear your cache/cookies for

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

This applies to every glitch that may occur, Firefox and Internet Explorer are the recommended browsers for Chatlands. You can also try clearing your cache/cookies if any glitch occurs.
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Common Glitches Thread
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