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 Technical Support FAQ

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PostSubject: Technical Support FAQ   Technical Support FAQ Icon_minitimeTue May 10, 2016 11:03 am

Hello and thank you for using the Levulose forums!

If you've found a bug or a glitch within the Levulose chat and/or forums, feel free to post a new topic in this sub-forums and an administrator will be able to assist you! If there is already a topic about your bug/glitch already, please reply in that topic instead of creating a new one! That way we can keep track of the progress of the bug/glitch and be able to update Underdog if need be. You may also fill out a Problem Ticket to report the bug/glitch.

As a quick note, usually changing your browser and/or clearing your cache can fix the glitches. Also, please check out the Common Glitches Thread for more information, and to see if your glitch is fixable by you.

How do I know if there is a bug or glitch?

A bug is an error in code that causes the system to malfunction or act irregular. For example, if there are 50 people online and on the mysts the rooms are all listed as empty, then that could be a bug or glitch!

What information do I need to include to report a bug and/or glitch?

While bugs and glitches are usually temporary, it's important to report them to us in case we can solve them at our end. If not, we can report the difficulties to Underdog, and he'll be able to fix them from his end.

When reporting a bug or glitch, please include the following:

-When the problem began
-If related to a room or a pose set/custom pose, please let us know which room/pose set/pose you were in
-What you were doing when the problem began
-If there was an error message
-What operating system you are using (Windows 10, 8, 8.1, Mac OS, Linux, etc.)
-What internet browser you are using (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
-What actions you have done to try and solve the problem
-Any other information is greatly appreciated

And that's it! An administrator will reply to you momentarily to help solve the situation. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused by bugs and glitches and we thank you for your patience while we fix them.
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Technical Support FAQ
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